Party Island Ibiza – From Party Central to Closed.

We arrived in Cala Salada on the 20th of September,  3 days before my birthday. I’d wanted to have a barbecue here as it was a favourite place from when I used to holiday here as a child. In those days, we’d have the beach to ourselves. It’s all a bit different now…


We anchored with around 6 other yachts and stayed for almost a week, and yes I had my BBQ 🙂

According to the tripper boats that frequently went round the anchorage from San Antonio, the fisherman’s huts have been there for centuries. None of the family remember them from when we used to go though so must be for the tourists!

At night, we got a perfect view of the sunset, and all of the tripper boats doing sunset cruises

Unfortunately Gill broke a tooth so we headed round to San Antonio to visit a dentist. We found one but they had no appointments for a week so we spent the time around San Antonio bay – especially Port Des Torrents where my uncle used to have a villa. The beach there is completely buoyed off for swimming and there was nowhere to get ashore. This didn’t stop me swimming around the boat


and marvelling at all of the fish and the clarity of the water

Again, the resort had been massively developed since I used to holiday there, and was frequently visited by other boats


San Antonio was jumping when we were there. All of the nightclubs were gearing up to the massive end of season parties and the resort was full of ‘younger’ clubbers out for a good time.

There was plenty of room in the bay to anchor, and a very secure dinghy dock to chain the tender to while we were in town.

After Gill had her tooth sorted, for the sum of 40 euros, we headed round to Portinatx to meet up with our good friends Mike and Claire on their gorgeous new yacht ‘Owl and Pussycat’ or O+P. – Bottom right below, not bottom left 🙂

We’d spend a fantastic couple of weeks with them, firstly visiting San Miguel with its’ excellent beach bar on the isthmus


and then moving on to San Antonio where we got the bus to Ibiza town, the day culminating is a chippy at Kelties Scottish pub back in San Antonio

I’m not sure it was the cuisine that Mike and Claire normally partake in as the next night we had a fantastic meal at a locals restaurant that Claire had found on trip adviser.

From here we moved around the island to Formentera, firstly anchoring off the main town of Sabina, and then the delightful anchorage at San Augustin.

We spotted Yacht A, behind O+P, a £360m superyacht while we were here, little did we know we would soon be overwintering in the same port and would get a much closer look at her.


Shortly after this it was time to say bye (for a while) to Mike and Claire as they had to get to Valencia where they were spending the winter.

This gave Gill and I a week to explore other parts of the island while waiting for great friends Nikki and Malc on Destination Anywhere to rejoin us.

We’d spend the next 2 weeks in their great company, visiting Cala Llonga, San Miguel, Portinatx, San Antonio,  San Vincent, Ibiza town and Formentera

Cala Llonga was spectacular for the villas clinging on to the hillside and will have special memories from spending Nikki’s birthday there and being unable to get ashore until 7pm because of the awful weather!

It was now mid November and Ibiza was essentially closed. For Nikki’s birthday, there was only one bar open in the town where previously it had been heaving with holiday makers.

It was time for Gill and I to sail in company with Nikki and Malc to Cartagena on the mainland where we’d be spending the winter.

As we left Ibiza and Formentera, we got a great view of Isla de es Vedra, the legendary Bali Hai from the musical South Pacific


And once again we were treated to a fantastic sunset on the calm overnight passage back to the mainland.